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Dr. Bruce Hall


Doctor Bruce Hall, D.C., has been in practice for over 35 years beginning       in 1983.       

Dr. Hall has worked with many individuals who suffer from spinal pain, and is well known in the industry for his extensive knowledge and warm approach to chiropractic care.  His years of experience and precision set his practice apart. 

Dr. Mike Getting


Dr. Mike Getting, D.C., is a Chiropractor whose practice is open to new patients of all ages. Dr. Mike also works with TriWest to provide chiropractic care for Veterans.

Dr. Lauren Kim


Dr. Ki-Young Kim is L.Ac. (California licensed) and DOAM. Dr. Kim is an affiliate to the chiropractic office and sees patients in her Valencia, CA office. She studied pre-dent and zoology at 

Brigham Young University earning a bachelors degree. 

Dr. Kim earned a Masters and Doctoral degree from South Baylo University in Oriental Medicine. 

Dr. Kim has also completed advanced training for treatment with 

Traditional Korean Acupuncture from numerous masters. 

With her 32 years of experience,  Dr. Kim  tries to understand the patient's health by using their birth date and time. She also has experience working at a toxicology lab, children's clinic and many other clinics located in Agoura Hills and Los Angeles. She believes in natural healing and treating through natural   ways. Dr. Kim is a member of   Love of Moxibustion and the Korean Acupuncture Association.


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